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New York City native DJ Gozzi is a versatile percussionist and an award winning producer, DJ and remixer who creates unique sounds by blending, mixing, and drumming.  Regarded as a dynamic musical entrepreneur, DJ Gozzi has worked with some of the industry’s most innovative artists and producers.  Some of the artists and producers include Tito Puente Jr., Kevin Lyttle, Vassy and Nick Cannon.

Gozzi’s love of music was introduced to him by his father at the tender age of 6, when he received his first drum set. According to DJ Gozzi, “my drum instructors always pushed me to do better and helped me realize my potential was greater than I believed.  This encouragement drove my confidence to believe that I could accomplish anything.”

A graduate of the prestigious Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York, Gozzi graduated from Five Towns College (NY) and received a bachelor’s degree in music.

From performing in various bands to operating as an audio engineer, DJ Gozzi’s unique ear for sound and musicality led him to DJ’ing at some of the hottest nightclubs across the country. As a DJ, Gozzi “likes to blend songs that have similar melodic elements to create a great remix.”

Records aren’t the only tools Gozzi uses while spinning.  He also incorporates his drumming techniques to enhance the overall experience, by removing original percussion sounds and replacing them by showcasing his personal drumming prowess.

As a remixer for Tarakon and Atlantic Records, Gozzi ‘s remixes include Car Radio by the Twenty One Pilots, Ciao Adios by Anne Marie, and Nothing to Lose by Vassy.

Gozzi’s song Say it Loud was the official Theme song for the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Walk across NYC, in which the proceeds have been and are continuing to be donated to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation to fight this devastating disease.

Gozzi is also a producer and editor for Crooklyn Clan, one of the largest DJ music sources. He has his own radio party mix shows on the Remix Top 30 show with legendary host Hollywood Hamilton on 103.5 KTU,  Internet stations Dash Radio, Miami Mike Radio, and California’s Rhythm 105.9 FM.

Devoted to his family, music, and fans, DJ Gozzi continues to pin the map with music that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.